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Stephen Mallon

Interrupted Nature: New Photographs
March 9th - April 8th, 2007

A.M. Richard Fine Art is pleased to announce, Interrupted Nature, new photographs by Stephen Mallon.

Mr. Mallon's photographs display a novel perspective on the theme of nature altered by industrial means. Traveling through mainland U.S.A. and across the European landscape, Mr. Mallon has captured a glimpse of sublime beauty left in incongruous locations in a fast diminishing natural world.

Operating power plants as well as industrial ruins, luxurious residential and leisure developments sites, heavy construction machinery, stone quarries and forestry, recycling and sanitation plants alike are today to the automobile road traveler but a few of common highway sights.

The Mallon images are defined by man-made developments in nature: destructive, laudable, gratuitous or necessary - all obstacles integrated in the modern world enabling it to be functional.

The photographs chosen for this exhibition display both abstract and painterly qualities through micro and macro interpretation of specific place and space. It is but a subtle commentary on the present and future of the environment as well the inevitable dichotomy between the crowding and isolation of humanity.

This is Mr. Mallon's first exhibition at A.M. Richard Fine Art.

Stephen Mallon, a native of the U.K. lives and works in New York City.

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