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Installation and Photographs
October 20th - November 22th, 2006

A.M. Richard Fine Art is pleased to announce, ACCUMULATION, an installation and photographs by the artist Lisa Reddig.

Two projects by Ms. Reddig are presented in this exhibition, "Accumulation" and "Origami". Each project, created within a specific time frame, point to a different segment of the artist's life. Notions of recycling, the initial function of objects, as well as our visual perception of common possessions are re-examined in novel ways.

For the past nine years, Ms. Reddig, has been creating pinhole camera out of found, purchased or gift boxes. ACCUMULATION, is a project that encompassed a year of the artist's life. Between June 25, 2005 and June 25, 2006, every container acquired through a consumer purchase was transformed into a pinhole camera. The artist, using these pinhole cameras, photographed each product using its own transformed package. The final product of this "Grand Tour" of daily material consumerism is an installation of 119 cameras and photo groupings. The artist aims to reconsider and re-contextualize these mass-produced items as artifact and as a record--a memoir so to speak--of the most private albeit prosaic elements of her life.

ORIGAMI, is a group of photographs in the travel and landscape tradition. Origami was developed from the premise of a page-a-day calendar where each day instructions are given for folding the previous day into an origami figure. In the span of a year the artist created hundreds of tiny folded paper figures. Soon a pinhole camera was made out of a box that housed Japanese candies. Over the course of the following year, as the artist traveled cross-country, so did the paper origami figures. As inanimate traveling companions, the origamis were photographed in several sites; national parks, western cities and within her own Brooklyn backyard. As a result of the wide angle created by the use of the pinhole camera, the inch- high origami pieces appear to dominate the various landscapes. In these images the romantic notion of the sublime, where nature traditionally overpowers man, has been re-interpreted. To the artist, the origami figures stand in for the photographer, the traveler, the tourist. From fragile inanimate objects they are now metamorphosed into imposing living entities with a set of expressions and experiences.

Ms. Reddig, a Iowa City native, lives and works in New York City.

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