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James Reeder

June 27th - July 27th, 2008

Transit and Structure, the title of James Reeder's latest project, is a series of photographs exhibited with architectural maquettes built by the artist. The photographs document surrealistic still-life collages and constructions created in the studio. Unsuspected materials such as pocket lint, paper shreds, hair strands, bits of loose threads and thorns of various origins, are but a few choice elements used, modified, concealed or revealed in his diverse compositions. As a visual narrative, each image subtly refers to the next. The artist's language, however, is conscious of never articulating an automatic pattern. The results are photographs of timeless poesy.

The Reeder maquettes, exhibited along with the cities series were once simply utilized as intricate tools to stage images. They have now evolved into individual works of art and small scale installations. In documenting the procedural point of departure of his cities, the artist offers the viewer a look at the reality of his apocalyptic vision.

James Reeder is an artist-sculptor and photographer from Michigan who lives and works in Brooklyn. Mr. Reeder's work has been exhibited throughout the U.S. This is Mr. Reeder's first exhibition at the A.M. Richard gallery.

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