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Paintings in a Room

A.M. Richard Fine Art is pleased to announce Paintings in a Room

An exhibition of new paintings by Susan Wanklyn
October 19th 2007-November 11th, 2007

Opening Reception: Friday October 19th -6-9pm
Gallery Hours: weekdays by appointment, weekends 1-6 pm
Gallery Contact: A.M. Richard (917) 570-1476

Paintings in a Room, is an exhibition of new works by artist Susan Wanklyn. Ms. Wanklyn visual language is inspired by the realm of decorative arts and classic abstraction. The group of paintings selected for this exhibition cull from both tangible and impalpable universes.

Ms. Wanklyn has long been interested in the relationship between form, shape, space, the limitation of the canvas surface, the idea of speed and the mechanism of memory. Using stenciling as the basis for her work process–Ms. Wanklyn may outline a fan, a cone, a circle or a square - which are left identifiable by their loose imprint. The result is a template for an abstract image in "transition"-the initial step to a juxtaposition of painterly ideas-each layer minutely thought and beautifully rendered in soft jewel-like tones.

Ms. Wanklyn's preferred material of depiction is home-made casein, an undisguised medium which denotes translucency and luminosity. Applied to board, the casein imparts a sensuous velvet-like surface.

A quality of lyricism and expressionism transpires from Ms. Wanklyn's work. Looking at her paintings is not unlike reading a poem – each stroke of hand a verse of its own.

This is Ms. Wanklyn's first solo exhibition at the A.M. Richard gallery.

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