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Jessica Weiss

October 10th - November 9th, 2008
Opening Reception: Friday, October 10th from 6-9 pm

A.M. Richard Fine Art is pleased to announce, The Woods, an exhibition of works of art by Jessica Weiss.

The re-interpretation of forms and patterns culled from vintage wall coverings are part of Ms. Weiss' painterly language. By appropriating images processed in a different medium, the artist is giving anecdotal segments a renewed context.

Ms. Weiss' paintings and work on paper share surfaces of subtle relief. Hand-torn pieces of paper, small mounts composed of glass powder, and bright paint are applied over a silk screened matrix, either canvas or paper. Akin to stained glass, a luminous and bejeweled quality emerges from the juxtaposition of materials. As if looking through a fractured window, Fancy, a large-scale painting, offers a complex and fragmented composition. Colorful swatches of floral patterns overlap one another, their polished appearance countered by frayed edges. As in many of Ms. Weiss' work, a dark tale emerges amidst the seemingly optimistic consonance of bouquets laid on the canvas. Beneath the stylized floral fancy appears a black silhouetted expressionist-type forest. In the far distance, a diminutive caravelle, sails away. If the ship is symbolic of conscience, in this instance, it appears to conquer chaos by leaving it behind.

In other compositions i.e. Parade, Wake-up, Ms. Weiss explores the possibilities offered by abstract pattern and texture in forest trees. These new works read like a symphony of new impressionist sounds. Rhythmic sequences of form and color are simply beautifully articulated.

The Wing paintings are a series of six smaller scale canvases. Each a variant on the same subject matter, a bird perched on a tree and/or peering from floral shrubs. The bird, naively rendered, is related to the seeming innocence of Henri (Le Douanier) Rousseau's compositions. Ms. Weiss' gift lies in her exceptional sense for color, design and unique imaginary vision.

This is Ms. Weiss' second solo exhibition at the A.M. Richard gallery.

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